Keep Fit/Seated Keep Fit

Medau exercise classes take place at OBC on Wednesdays.
There is a reasonably active one starting at 10.15am and a seated group joins in at 11am. Coffee and chat at 11.45am.
The group which starts at 10.15am expect to be stretched, both physically and mentally. Clubs, Hoops, and Balls are used to enhance movement, and sometimes scarves are also used.     Medau movement focuses on strengthening muscles by stretching and swinging with clubs, resilience with the use of balls and there is a feeling of spaciousness with the use of hoops .  It is suitable for women of any age, hence the seated part of the class where those who only want to do the exercises sitting down join those who have taken part in the active session.     The same apparatus is used for both.
There is a very friendly atmosphere at our classes.