Just Blokes


What is “Just Blokes”?

Well, it’s a “ministry”, of sorts…. Basically, it’s a bunch of Christian Blokes getting together to help each other in our walk with Jesus.

What do we do?

At the core, we have a monthly get together, on the 3rd Monday of each month; starting off by meeting in the church, followed by a beer (or 2) in the Grainstore.
But that’s not all…. The intention when we started, at the start of 2016, embraced a raft of other “initiatives”:-

  • Lads & Dads events
  • Discipleship
  • Christian conferences such as “the Gathering”
  • Prayer Breakfasts
  • Blessing our Community – “good works”
Lads & Dads
This is not just for boys and their dads, we intentionally included daughters, as we feel that a father’s relationship with their children is key to a healthy family and to be a good “model”. Also, for our kids to see other Christian men walking with Jesus. We have held 1 event, which was a hill walking day in the Peak District, on the 19th March, and we had 12 walkers – 6 dads & 6 lads. We had a great day with some very interesting scrambling over rocks.
We had another arranged, but was cancelled and we called a prayer meeting in response to the news surrounding Frank & Sylvia Payne and Steve & Nicky Burgess.
As part of Lads & Dads, Neil Orgee arranged some cricket matches against Oakham CC, which have been great fun.
We have been blessed in having Frank Payne as part of our group, and he has a passion for “mens’ ministry” and started a discipleship initiative running alongside and complementing Just Blokes. Sadly, however, following the death of his son, this has (quite rightly) taken a “back seat”.
We were too late for the 2016 “Gathering”, but we will consider again for 2017 to gauge interest.
Prayer Breakfasts
Steve Burgess hosted regular breakfasts throughout most of 2016 until his illness. We intend to restart these shortly, possibly with a slightly different format.
Blessing our Community
As a team, we helped out with the “brightening” of the church and arranged for a team to spend one Saturday morning (7th May) getting stuck in with a raft of tasks preparing for the decorating etc. (not forgetting the tea, coffee, bacon baps & banter)
So what does “The Future” hold?
Numbers have fallen off a bit, so we need to re-stimulate interest. There are 3 areas to focus on
  1. The monthly meeting
  2. Lads & Dads events
  3. Blessing our Community by getting stuck into a couple of “projects” where a need has been identified