Prayer is one of the main ways that we develop our personal relationship with God – growing spiritually - and the principal means of passing on God’s blessings and goodness to others in ministry and intercession.
There are so many prayer opportunities for us (see the Church calendar for details)

  • Sunday mornings at 9:30 am
  • Tuesday mornings at 7:30 am on Zoom
  • Wednesday evening at 9:30pm on Zoom
  • Thursday Lunchtimes at 12noon in person at church
  • Life Groups
  • Sunday morning service 10:30am
  • Sunday evening service 6:00pm
  • Mountain Prayer
  • Prayer ministry on Sunday mornings
  • Ministry team dealing with prayer for an individual on a series of occasions
  • Churches together ecumenical meetings every Thursday at midday at All Saints
  • Prayer chain (email and telephone)
  • Prayer walks (occasional)
  • Prayer room (occasional)
  • Messy prayer (occasional)
  • Facebook group
  • Thy Kingdom Come (Pentecost)
  • National prayer weekend (September)